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Motto behind “Your Buddi”

Motto behind “Your Buddi”

It is a one stop solutions for your problems!!

Encountering problems in anyone’s life is inevitable, but all we need is the right support system to help us find a way out and navigate through the problem. So, Your Buddi is a solution driven business which offers solutions to problems related to Life, Relationship and Business matters by solving them together and providing sessions to work towards their breakthroughs in their life.

The organisation is concerned with offering sessions to people for making them mentally ready for marriage and providing personal mentoring to fix life -relationship issues. The reason behind launching this business is to help individuals to better understand themselves by helping them to find their purpose and prepare them for fruitful marriage or a relationship as there is a dearth of proper guidance in modern days’ dynamic cultural scenario. The business also provides sessions (personal as well as group) for singles who are preparing for relationship/marriage and for those in strained relationships by rendering solutions to make relationships happier and joyful. We believe any problem under the sun has a solution. So, through this business we intend to TALK, BREAKTHROUGH & TRANSFORM together.

“Remember any problem under the sun has a solution, we all just need a person who can help you to find it.“.

-Your Buddi

  • What inspired me to name it as “Your Buddi”?

Your Buddi was coined from the word buddy, and it is all about helping people to solve their own problems with conversations as I believe any problem under the sun has a solution. But all we needed is a buddy who can stand along our side in this busy world to listen to our problems and help us to realign us back to our purpose. So, I will be your buddy in your life journey to transform your life and relationships to spread smiles.

In today’s digital age it has made us accessible at any part of the world – So, let’s talk I’m just one step/click away from you. Checkout: www.yourbuddi.com

“Come with your problem, let’s talk and breakthrough together.”

Your buddi

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