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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Powering operational excellence in terms of Quality in delivering our Product or Services

Quality determines the value of the product or service provided. It’s a parameter used to judge our service provided or if the product is upto the mark as defined. Quality helps us to analyse and compare if the service requisite matches the service delivery.

Delivery Quality Assurance, by its name itself says, it assures to deliver a quality service. DQA plays a vital role, as it enhances the attributes or the parameters of a service or a product which in turn leads to customer satisfaction and delivery excellence.

Quality helps us to set standards and helps to raise the bar in terms of service delivery and personal excellence. Quality not only helps in. an Operational perspective, but helps to judge the mindset of a human.

Quality is not only used to inspect a service against the standards to correct the errors to attain zero defect delivery. But, it is also used for preventing an error or occurrences of failures in a product or services. So, it not only helps to have a proactive approach to prevent from disaster, but also helps to provides a remedy or recovery from fault that has happened and helps us to refrain from re-occurences.

Any services that has a good quality helps to attain profit in a longer run. Hence, DQA is highly a profitable and safe mechanism in today’s evolutionary world of different technologies which keep emerging daily.

Only Quality can be used to measure and determine the durability and reliability of a service or a product. DQA is not only used for meeting the standards, but for continuous improvement. Hence DQA is the key factor to empower operational excellence.

WRITTEN BY: Nivedita Devraj; ????: 23.08.2020

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