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Faith Quotes
FAITH Quotes

FAITH Quotes

God’s Love is UNCONDITIONAL, while human love is CONDITIONAL.

– Nivedita Devraj

God’s Love is unconditional, He shows it even when we don’t deserve it. This is a father’s sacrificial love to His sons and daughters.

God’s Love vs Human Love:

God’s love is unconditional as He is our creator just like the potter who carefully molds the clay considering the minute details while creating the object fit for the purpose.

each of it can be in different shapes, sizes, texture, paintings, etc. But, he crafts each piece with all love and joy as each of it will be served for a reason. But sometimes if there are cracks or if it gets marred he throws it away. But God’s love makes even the broken pieces into a master pieces.

This unconditional love of God supersedes even father’s love.. Even when your father fall asleep as human, this supreme God keeps watching you even though your a speck in His view.

The creator with His unconditional love never shows any partiality towards His creations and shows love to all in the same way unlike mother’s love which at times may take sides among her children.

God’s unconditional love cannot be replaced by the love of your spouse because that also comes with a condition today with many “IFs” and criteria.

God loves you unconditionally even when you didn’t ask for it and most of the times we are not worth receiving it.

So, don’t miss to have this unconditional love first in your life and never trade it for anyother kind of love as nothing can surpass it.