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Reflection from the book of RUTH.


“We might not be able to control from encountering difficult situations in our life, but we can control how we react to people & that situation.”

I took this thought from the book of Ruth, where she encounters losses in her life, but she clanged on to a God who she never knew before and also followed the ways of His people (Naomi -Her Mother in law, who calls herself “Bitter” after the points she looses her dear ones). If you read the book of *Ruth*, She never tried to change Naomi, though both of them were in the same state, (Its a bit contradictory of how both react to the same kind of loss). But, Ruth was carrying out her mandate and providing things. Her Focus was not on the loss, but the God she trusted. And, we know how she got the favor from God and Man(Boaz). Not only, she got the blessing. But because of Ruth’s life and blessing, Naomi’s life got renewed from bitterness and changed her life. (As, the verse states: Ruth4:15). I would like to encourage you by saying- “Even though you might be in a challenging situation (or) a state of doubt, trust God and keep doing what your suppose to do. Everything will fall in place at the right time, so never give up.

Sometimes the current circumstances plays a vital role. It can be favourable and comfortable, but on the other side it can be uncertain as it’s like a blessing in disguise (Eg: Ruth and Orpah listening to Naomi their mother in law’s advice after their husbands’ death). Orpah knew Naomi can’t help her anymore for her future after her husband passed away and saw her present circumstance and left Naomi and made her own way and she missed her blessing actually if she had followed Naomi trusting God- there was a actually a redeemer for her- the first kinsmen before Boaz. But she misses it and that character is lost after that in the Bible.

On the other hand, Ruth the Moabite. She knew and trusted on God of Naomi and followed Naomi though she was instructed to get back home and make her choice after the demise of her husband. But she clung on to Naomi. She was blessed with a new life with Boaz and she was a blessing.

*Naomi can be Jesus and Holy Spirit leading you to your promise land.*

Remember, even our breakthroughs are for God’s glory. So God exactly knows how to orchestrate it.

WRITTEN BY: Nivedita Devraj; ????: 22.07.2020


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