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Haggai, talks about rebuilding His temple. This book describes. about what burdens God the most, Where He describes people are so comfortable and busy building more for their livelihood and have left the house of God in ruins because of their unfaithfulness and by minding their own business.

*God’s Burden:*


In the first chapter, verse:4- God sees how people have been running for their benefits forgetting God and have become busy and unfaithful.

Verse:6, He says you have sown much, but harvested little because of the self focused work leads to less yield and frustrations. God warns. in verse 11 : He has withheld its produce and cause drought in the land for people to repent. In Verse 12: The governor Zerubbabel, High Priest Joshua and with all the remnants obeyed Voice of God and. Prophet Haggai out of fear.

In the later part, God encourages with his compassion by saying. “*I am with you”.*

In this book, God’s sovereignty is shown and also described as “Lord of Hosts” 14times. Which means. “heavenly armies”.

In the second chapter, God encourages them while they are rebuilding the temple that *He is with them*. But also warns that He would shake all the earth, sea and dry lands, all nations so that all the treasures will come into the. temple. Ultimately, the Lord will fill His house with glory – that is His own Presence.

In Verse:9, “*He talks about the latter glory of His house will be greater than His former glory.”*



God brings these analogies of ritual holiness and uncleanliness with the spiritual status of people.( Verse 10- 19)

God again warns about the destruction of overthrowing nation and a looming incidents that are yet to happen for people to repent.

*Restoration:( Verse:20–23)*


He ends the chapter with the restoration of His people and the covenant made by mentioning the significance of “SIGNET RING” – which means He would restore the remnants with his authority and royalty around the globe.


WRITTEN BY: Nivedita Devraj; ????: 23.08.2020

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