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7 ways to prepare for Marriage

7 ways to prepare for Marriage


Let’s get the difference between a Wedding and a Marriage before we can see how to prepare ourselves for the big picture.

WEDDING is a one-day event which is called the “Big Day” where we celebrate auspicious ceremonies with our near and dear ones. While MARRIAGE is a union of two perfect individuals totally from different backdrops, thought patterns, experiences, families partner with each other for the rest of their lives which is the “Big Commitment”.


For anything in life from school tests to job interviews, we need to prepare to give our best. Then, of course, we need preparation for the Wedding and Marriage. Sometimes we focus soo much on preparing for the one day even and fail to be prepared for the long time commitment. We should have a balance of both in our preparation and neglecting to prepare for marriage will become a challenge while you are shifting to the next phase. Be prepared to start your married life smoothly.


  • Busyness of life- We are too busy in life that we don’t spend time to think and prepare for the next phase.
  • Misplaced priority in life – We don’t follow the right order that needs to be follwed yourself and your family comes before anything in life. Sometimes we priortise things which pleases us than what really matters.
  • Negligence : Failing to take action due to wearyness of waiting for long or due to carelessness and running aimlessly.
  • Lack of awareness & involvement towards the process : due to lack of exposure for the need to prepare and also due to past hurtful experiences and disappointments we show lack of involvement.


1. SPIRITUALLY: Have strong faith in God and have a right Belief System that can hold you at any point in Life.

2. EMOTIONALLY: Get healed from your past hurts, breakups, childhood issues, identity crisis, guilt, bully, unforgiveness, brokenness, rejections, emotional bonds, soul ties, etc. Learn the art of controlling your emotions and navigating them in the right way. Remember your partner is not your doctor so don’t think after marriage your partner will handle it fully. It can happen over the years evolving as no one is perfect and both help and build each other up. But, I would say deal with your baggage and have your own coping mechanisms before you could meet one. Just imagine if two unhealed people come together or even if either of them is unhealed then it becomes a burden to the other. Everyone faces challenges according to their capacity to handle them and navigate through them in the right way.

3. MENTALLY: Set your priorities right, learn to handle stress & pressure, try to get the hang of Work-Life balance when you are single. Learn to be flexible and accommodative, shift your mindset from me to we, broaden your mindset and enlarge your boundaries to include your partner’s family members as your own. His/Her parents become like your parents too and vice versa. So, we need the right mindset.

4. PHYSICALLY: Have a healthy lifestyle & groom yourself in your way. Selfcare is not being selfish but don’t get indulged too much into it.

5. SOCIALLY: Have a good relationship in your sphere of influence and healthy friendships around you.

6. FINANCIALLY: Start small savings, but be consistent and never use that amount for any other reasons it might help you in some way or the other.

7. INTELLECTUALLY: Have a basic awareness of what’s happening around you and be relevant. Work on your skills and talents.

This thought needs to be installed first- Am I ready for the one? rather asking and searching How to find the right one? Sometimes we focus on soo much on our expectations from the one, but we forget to be prepared for the expectations that you are expected to be from the one. So, remember when we expect, then we should be prepared for it as well.
Even, before u ask if this person is the right one for me? Check yourself if I am the right one..? This will help you to have a beautiful and easier transition to your next phase.
Seek God In this process of knowing you and preparing yourself cause He is your creator and the best matchmaker.
We know this familiar saying – A good wife is a gift from God and it applies the same as well with the husband.
So, have a good understanding about yourself with God to prepare yourself in the areas that need to be worked on to become a suitable helpmate for your God-ordained spouse and pray that your future partner too is in that process of preparing for you.

Ask yourself “Am I really ready for the one?”



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