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Prayer to be a Kingdom Man

Prayer to be a Kingdom Man

If you are man who is waiting for a life partner, Kindly use the below points in your daily devotions as you are preparing to be the kingdom man for your wise woman and to raise godly generations.

  • Pray to be a man of God’s own heart
  • Pray that you are rooted with right principles
  • Pray to be a visionary, leader and nurture of the family
  • Pray that you will be a supportive husband and good father
  • Pray that you will be a man of integrity and stature
  • Pray to be a good decision maker, knows to prioritize God first and family second
  • Pray to overcome temptations in any form and be loyal to your future spouse and family
  • Pray to be committed, responsible and lead the home as an example
  • Pray to be compassionate, patient, loving, faithful and companion to your future
  • Pray to be a benefactor your family and your surroundings
  • Pray to be prepared to be a covering to your family and the extended families
  • Pray to be ready for the kingdom marriage ordained by God and to raise Godly generations
  • Pray to receive God’s wisdom, guidance and favor to handle all the affairs bestowed to you
  • Pray to receive the right support system at every stage of life

Written on 18.01.2022 by Nivedita Devraj

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