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Relationship Buzz

Relationship Buzz

In this space of my site, I will be sharing my thoughts in blogs and videos about relationships and marriage to help you handle relationships better.

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How to handle “BREAKUP”
The Word “BREAKUP” sounds strong though those are very delicate moments. Let …
It is an interesting topic and both words starts with the same …
Marriage is God’s Idea
Did you know that marriage is God's idea, hence why they say this is made in heaven? But you might be curious to know if I'm not old enough to choose who I want to …
Kingdom Man vs Wise Woman
The Kingdom Man: To his wife, a husband is a king, and everything under him is his kingdom. If you are a wise woman, these are a few characteristics that you need to look into …
MARRIAGE is when two different people with two different mindsets, journeys, backgrounds, interests, and so on partner together for a PURPOSE. The Purpose for a Marriage: Individuals usually think marriage is a serious matter and …
Breakfree from bonds
In our life, we can be bonded by these and you might not even wonder can all be barriers to your breakthroughs. Emotional bonds The feelings of closeness and affection that contribute to the long-term …
Waiting Period
Waiting Period, I know it's an ambiguous state, not knowing when and how things will fall into place while preparing ourselves for the one God has kept. During the waiting period, we can do two …
Get ready for the Big Commitment
I'll walk you through a step-by-step process for preparing yourself for your future partner and your lifelong commitment. SPIRITUALLY BE STRONG: Have strong faith in God and a solid belief system that can support you …
Barriers for our Breakthrough
Let us discuss about the barriers to prepare ourselves for our future partner. Busyness lifestyle- We are so busy in life that we don't take the time to think about and plan for the next …
How to find the right partner
As we know, marriage is when two different people with two different mindsets, from different backdrops, journeys, backdrops, interests come together for a PURPOSE. Remember, God who knows the end from the beginning of your …
7 ways to prepare for Marriage
WEDDING vs MARRIAGE: Let's get the difference between a Wedding and a Marriage before we can see how to prepare ourselves for the big picture. WEDDING is a one-day event which is called the "Big …


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