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It is an interesting topic and both words starts with the same letter “L” and the words contain the same number of letters but has vast differences though it seems same in today’s world.

“They May look the same, but they are TOTALLY DIFFERENT”.


It is an intense emotion to have pleasure and it’s temporary. Just like a craving desire on something without reasoning the implications of it.

It is just feeds your flesh for a period of time, but it won’t last and it will seek for more at different places to satisfy our need and it’s very much conditional. May be if our needs or desires are met we might not have the strong attraction over the person or thing. Sometimes, it can be mutual and not also. Never jump to early and decide this is love or it shouldn’t be because everyone does it and it’s cool to do it.


Sometimes, we do things like flirting, crushing for fun, friends with benefits, hanging around for fun etc and it might look this is Love. It can be for momentary pleasures but it will leave scars at the end which u need to get detoxed from and in the due season you might miss on the real love which was meant for u.


  1. Due to past hurts, so never want to get into a serious relationship, so just have fun until then.
  2. This is how our culture is.. Move on.. if it doesn’t work.
  3. No patience to wait for the real one
  4. Peer/Social pressure- So need to be in a relationship.
  5. Don’t Rush, when ur not ready…
  6. It can also be for acceptance or to show off I had dated so many people.


It leaves Scars which takes a lot of time to heal, disappointment, no contentment, becoming addictive, getting radical, no room for real love, rejection, bondage, self doubt, condemnation, guilt, suffering from mental, emotional and physical health issues, it will lead u to self deterioration.

How to Overcome:

  1. Need to get out of the circle, no more contacts, self control plays a vital role, so that we don’t have those lingering moments.
  2. Focus on your life, your passion and ambition ( shift the focus).
  3. Overcome those thoughts and don’t give room or watch things that will rise your sensuality or thoughts to have pleasure. It can be a person or a thing.
  4. Respect yourself first, that means u can’t leave ur dignity hanging out with different people, when you know who u are and Whose ur..!
  5. Run away from temptations.
  6. It’s an individual’s decision to have Self control, drawing boundaries in a relationship and balancing emotions.

Question to Ponder upon:

Everything if we do before marriage? What have we left for after…?? (There is never going to be any element of surprise for sure if we have done everything before, so hang on..!).


It can have the same feelings and emotions, but it waits and gives care for each other until your hitched. Just a thought, If you know you are gonna get married with the same person, then nothing stops us to draw boundaries, respect and support each other until the time is right.


Let me give you the right definition for Love:

“Love is patient,(A) love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.(B) It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,(C) it is not easily angered,(D) it keeps no record of wrongs (E) Love does not delight in evil (F) rejoices with the truth.(G) It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

And, Love is unconditional which stays forever irrespective of situations, people, circumstances or even during different positions of your life.

Question to Ponder upon:

Can you have the same feelings even if she is not looking the same or something happened to her..? Is your love under conditions?

Then it’s not LOVE. Look at people how God looks at them and it will help u to Love the other better.

Love builds each other up:

So, wait for the right one and experience Love that grows and builds eachother up at every stage of your life.


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