Hola Buddi!
POEM- When I..

POEM- When I..

When I ……

When I BELIEVED what others said I’M, YOU made me believe, “I’m who You say I’m”.

When I QUESTIONED about Life, You made me realise your WORD is the ANSWER to all.

When I was searching for my IDENTITY, You made me your daughter, though undeserving.

When my life was in WILDERNESS, You transformed it into an OASIS with water.

When I was wondering how to NAVIGATE through different stations of my life, You were my GPS directing me in the right direction.

When I thought my past was DICTATING me, You helped me to understand it was a SETUP to mould me towards my DESTINY.

When I felt GUILTY of doing things that doesn’t please you, You said I forgave and remember NO MORE.

When I was in DISMAY seeing the promises of people are like written in WATER, but found Your PROMISES are always YES & AMEN.

When I felt so little about myself, You said I’m Your WORKMANSHIP uniquely and wonderfully made for a PURPOSE.

When I thought everything has come to a STANDSTILL, You gently whispered “I’m not yet done my child”.

When I was on the CROSS ROADS wondering what to do? Your gentle words walked me through.

When I said this is the END of it, You said this is just the BEGINNING.

When I had nothing to HOLD ON, You held me TIGHT.

When I was searching for the MISSING PIECES of my life, You said I have all that you wanted.

When I got weary WRESTLING all alone by myself, You said the BATTLE is mine.

When I saw the TEARS rolling down my cheeks,”You said I have STORED your tears in my bottle”.

When I was DISOBEDIENT, You CORRECTED me with compassion like a loving father.

When I Gave UP, You strengthen me and said STAY the COURSE.

When I walked away from you, You put me back ON TRACK.

When I thought my life was in a total MESS, You patiently untangled everything and gave me a brand NEW START.

When I’m STUCK in life, You said you’re almost there..so KEEP MOVING forward.

When I made MISTAKES in life and felt sorry about it, You said, it’s OKAY! your still mine.

When I make PLANS on my own, You remind me that Your plans and thoughts are HIGHER than mine.

When I’m STUBBORN, Your silence makes me realise my blunder.

When I’m AFRAID, You hold my hands and say “Don’t be afraid for I’m with you”.

When I’m HURT, You draw me close and show the SCARS on your palms which says it all.

When I wanted a COMPANION, You came forward saying “HERE I AM” with Your wide open arms.

When I was wondering if someone can UNDERSTAND me, You said, even the very hairs on your head are all NUMBERED.

When I thought I was walking ALONE, You showed the footsteps which was walking ALONG.

When I asked what is LOVE, You just displayed Your SACRIFICIAL LOVE on the cross for me.

When I muttered this WAY is too difficult to walk, You said I’m the WAY-MAKER.

When I gave my BROKEN BITS, You were busy MENDING IT with your love.

When I was a NOBODY, You came down and made me a SOMEBODY who carries the Message.

When I laughed, You laughed; when I cried, You cried.

When I’m happy, You’re happy; When I’m sad, You’re sad.

When I asked WHO AM I, that You’re so mindful of me, You simply made me realise WHOSE IM!

When I happily said we have DONE it together, You pushed me to NEXT ONE.

When I looked back, surprisingly You are in every CHAPTER of my life.

When I was wondering who can this be, You said, I’M! the ONE who knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

When I asked WHY ME? You asked can you just FOLLOW ME?

I simply smiled and said, Sure I will 🙂

Thank you Lord ????