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Waiting Period

Waiting Period

Waiting Period, I know it’s an ambiguous state, not knowing when and how things will fall into place while preparing ourselves for the one God has kept.

During the waiting period, we can do two things:

* Focus on your purpose and prepare yourself for it: Doing whatever God has created you for, as each of us is unique and brought to this world for a reason. Focus on the big picture and be obedient to God’s method of preparing you, as Esther and Ruth were. When we let God work in our lives, He shapes us to be the best version of ourselves for His glory.

* Focusing on the waiting period: This will make us weak, frustrated, and distracted from our purpose, and it is the devil’s scheme to keep us from focusing on our goals. We would begin to take matters into our own hands, acting out of uncertainty and confusion. We’d lose sight of our calling and the promises over our life.  In the Bible, for example, Saul and Samuel. Saul, in his disobedience and haste, fails to wait for the prophet Samuel to offer to God, and He does so, forfeiting God’s promises. God is a gentle God who offers the opportunity to choose.

Waiting for anything in life can be this difficult because we live in a world where everything is instant, such as 2-minute noodles (quick gratification). We no longer wait to be surprised, and I believe this is due to advancements in technology and a fast-paced culture that has made anything and everything available to us. I’m curious how they waited for years, months, and days to get what they needed back then. (Because it wasn’t easily accessible, they probably knew the value of it better than we did.) Also, because we have so many options in life now, we can easily move on to the next option rather than waiting for your blessing.

In this journey of waiting, we go through various phases such as anticipation, expectations, frustration, rejection, self-doubt, confusion, loosening of faith, becoming weary, and so on, all of which lead to mixed emotions. The journey of waiting can be like a roller coaster ride, with highs and lows, experiencing closed doors before God opens the right door, and so on.

“Sometimes waiting for me can be waste of time and waiting according to God can be working, protecting and preparing for the one God has kept in store for you.”

When God is in your waiting period, He is in charge of your breaking, moulding, and shaping to become the best version of yourself for His glory.

Consider how few people in the world waited for their promises to be fulfilled.

  • Abraham and Sarah waited for 100 years when it was so easy for others to have their child.
  • Joseph was waiting for the vision to be fulfilled
  • Hannah and Elizabeth were waiting for a baby
  • Jesus had to wait for 30 years to begin His ministry

These are a few examples of people who waited for their promises to be fulfilled, which was a blessing to them and many others. “Why to wait, when it is so easy for so many out there?” you may wonder at times. I’m sure many people have considered this, and my only response is that if your wait is too long according to God’s will, rest assured that He is preparing and molding you to be a blessing to many and for His glory. Even if it appears that you are in pain or suffering, try to be patient in this season of waiting by relying on God. He is constantly working, and one day it will all make sense.

  • The few things we might wait for:

    * Our future spouse

    * Answers, direction, guidance, and/or purpose

    * Financial breakthrough

    * Promotion in our career and life to move on to the next stage

    * Change in our Circumstance

    * Fulfilment of a dream

    * Fulfilment of a promise

  * Healing and deliverance from past hurts

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