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Social awareness


I’m sharing my thoughts to spread awareness and to break Stereotypes in our society to be the change.

#Social Awareness.

My First Short Film.

Change in the society begins with us.

I was inspired to do this video on the upliftment of beggars as I have been having a burden watching them from my childhood days in-front of church and every week I see them in the same state without any change in their state which led me to have compassion for them and I started giving food packages during my school days to them every week. As a society we push them away and seed the thought from childhood that they are like untouchables and we are not allowed to mingle along with them and as I grew up I started speaking to them and trying to understand them better. And, I always had the burden to do something for this community so that they can be like one of us. From this video/documentary I would like to convey that if we use this abandoned resource in our nation, we would have increase in productivity and economic growth along with the upliftment of this deprived community.

A total number of 4,13,670 beggars reside in India, who are abandoned resource of our country. But, if they are directed in a right way and trained with skill development, they can help the job market expand. Their manpower, talents and abilities which are not utilized can be reinvested to produce products in different industries and change the living standards of the individuals and the nation. Therefore, as a secular and democratic country, India allows all people to contribute to thriving economic communities enabling everyone to work and participate in building peaceful and stable societies. For, the change in our nation begins with each of us . So, Ask yourself, how can you be an agent of change in your community?

Inclusivity and opportunity should extend to the 400,000 beggars in India, for we must support all people regardless of their caste, culture, and religion. – “Change Begins with Us” was entered into the 2021 Empower Women Media Religious Freedom Film Competition.

My video is to encourage that , every princess is uniquely talented and has a purpose to step into this world. So, can we make her feel secure and give her equal opportunities for her to finish her mandate and it is our responsibility to make this world a better place for the future generations.

These are guidelines to spread awarenss about good touch and bad touch.

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