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MARRIAGE is when two different people with two different mindsets, journeys, backgrounds, interests, and so on partner together for a PURPOSE.

  • The Purpose for a Marriage:

Individuals usually think marriage is a serious matter and all your freedom is taken away and few think they marry only to have babies so their generations can continue. Yeah, in a way it’s right but it’s not only that I can help you understand it better.

  • Companionship

You get to make a new best friend with whom you can share your highs and lows, embarrassment, stupid jokes, pulling each other’s legs, and fights ranging from pillow fights to dog fights. Now that you have a new roommate, you must share your closets, bed, and your favorite snacks and chocolates, which you hide and eat in secret. Even if you have a driving partner, you can go on late-night rides or go on adventure trips together. As you are besties now you would be each other’s cheerleaders and healthy competitors. And, you know what you’re no longer alone; you now have someone to put up with your all craziness while you handle your partners. So, it’s not just about the serious commitments, but also about having a good time together. it is up to individuals how they view marriage and carry it forward. True companionship arises from the oneness of spirit. In marriage, this occurs when both the husband and wife can say, “My spouse is my best friend.”

  • Completeness

God puts two individuals together to complete each other if you see most marriages, the areas where the husband lacks the wife would have that skill and vice versa and that is why we call it better halves. That is why a Man and Woman come together as the word woman was derived from man initially. God equips both individuals separately and brings them together to fulfill His purpose in this world. That is why I encourage people in the waiting period to never give up on the process.

  • Enjoyment

You are now legally His and Hers, allowing you to enjoy your intimate relationship. The word intimacy has taken on sexual connotations only but it includes emotional bonding and feelings of connectedness. It involves physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, as well as sexual components that can enhance the romantic couple’s feelings of togetherness. Again, it differs from couple to couple, as I’ve heard one would be naive about it and another would have done a doctorate in how to have sex due to individual exposure to it. As a result, maintain open lines of communication, be considerate of each other, and learn and experiment with one another, as both individuals are now one flesh. I lack the practical knowledge in this area; perhaps after I get married, I will be able to shed some more light on it, making you feel more at ease about this taboo subject. I believe that sex education should be available so that people’s minds are properly shaped rather than being kept in the dark and learning it from inappropriate sources, causing problems in their marriages and with themselves. All I wanted to say is that everyone’s needs are different in it, so communicate with your partner and work on it. Because not everyone is a bright student in every subject, help each other and you’ll probably be great partners, and each of them has their own way of expressing themselves because everyone is different. This reminds me of a friend’s story about how she was just waiting to get married and saving sex for marriage and she was so desperate and her husband was not reciprocating can you believe that turned into a big issue and that doesn’t give you an excuse to cross boundaries before marriage or have extra marital affairs. However, I would advise keeping an open mind and self-control initially and working on each other’s issues or inhibitions because I have heard few individuals are petrified thinking of consummation and sex in marriage as they don’t have the right understanding and getting them to that comfort zone is each other’s responsibility. Remember Sex in a marriage is God’s design so we enjoy only with our partners and not go in search of someone to fulfill the need which leads to adultery and is outside God’s will.

  • Fruitfulness:

Marriage is also about multiplying and increasing as children are a gift from God to each family.

  • Protection

A husband must protect his wife by sacrificing his life for her. A wife’s role is to protect her family’s interests. Parents must protect their children in order to raise Godly generations.

Ground Rules in a Marriage:

This is just like how if we don’t have traffic rules on roads to keep us safe and streamlined, even in marriage we need to follow a few ground rules so we are disciplined and accountable to each other for a fruitful Marriage.

  • It entails a commitment.
  • It should not be broken or altered in any way.
  • A divorce is never an option because God is the GOD of second chances (However if the marriage is abusive and cannot be tolerated, take it to God and make your decisions accordingly because it’s a triangular love story and only God knows what’s best for you. I’ve seen with a few people I’ve worked with where God transformed that individual upside down and made him new for his partner. On the other hand, I’ve seen where the wife who had been physically tortured had left and after years, she got a beautiful new life. So, it’s a conviction and decision between individuals and God for which individuals are liable).
  • Do not deceive or betray your partner.
  • Gift exchange: Be prepared to give everything sacrificially out of love.
  • Change your mindset from ME to WE.
  • It is critical to share and be transparent.
  • The marriage covenant is a binding agreement between the husband and wife- Sexual immortality is a sin.
  • Remember the insight of God both man and woman are equal. So, either the couple shouldn’t put the other down but rather invest and build each other’s gifts, talents, and purpose.

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