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Marriage is God’s Idea

Marriage is God’s Idea

Did you know that marriage is God’s idea, hence why they say this is made in heaven? But you might be curious to know if I’m not old enough to choose who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Though this is a valid point, keep in mind that your Heavenly Father, who knew you existed even before you were in your mother’s womb, wants the best for you. Don’t you believe that God, who knows the end from the beginning of your life, knows who is better for you? He even knows what your future holds; we could only plan for 5 years in our lives, and even then, we have no idea what will happen next month. except for the assurance and promise that God has our lives and future in his hands. So, marriage is not your idea, but God’s, and He will re-align your thoughts and purpose with whom He has envisioned your life to be with. Even in the Bible, God tells, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” I’ll make him a suitable helper.” It’s always been said in the bible that “it is good,” and for the first time it was said that “it is not good to be alone”, hence why He brought a man and a woman together to fulfill the mission


This is a process where these two individuals are working together in partnership to become one. Even, in the word God says, “So shall a man leave his father and mother, cleave to his wife and become one flesh.” Basically, both individuals are prepared in every aspect mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically to become one. Marriage is a partnership between two unique individuals, each according to their own temperaments and personalities, different upbringing and culture, past emotional baggage, speaking different love languages, dealing with interference from parents and in-laws, dealing with various types of conflicts, dealing with unreasonable expectations, working in high-pressure careers, and even handling with high involvement in ministry and other activities.

????So, these two individuals partner with God to work on their relationship. Basically, it would be a triangular love story having God in the middle. Only God can help both of them to handle these issues. Remember relationship with your future spouse comes after the relationship with God and not vice-versa. Keep the main thing first and don’t idolize man in place of God as He is a jealous God and humans are only mere mortals. Two people coming together, to live forever for each other and making a sacrifice for your partner for the sake of your marriage. Marriage is the foundation of a family, and God loves to dwell within a family. Every marriage is also God’s idea and design. So Godly Marriages take place for the glory of God and the advancement of his purpose over each family. When you center your marriage on God, He will speak on your behalf even if you are unable to speak for yourself, as God did in the story of Joseph through the angel Gabriel to speak on Mary’s disgrace despite, she being a virgin. Imagine how the mission would have progressed if God had not intervened or if Joseph and Mary had been disobedient to God’s voice. Everything is part of God’s sovereign plan, and He is omnipotent and omnipresent, so cling to Him for guidance in your life, partner, marriage for anything under the son.

????Marriage Covenant

It is a mutual agreement that is both horizontal and vertical in nature.

1. Horizontal Covenant: It is between a husband and a wife, and both must understand and follow the terms of the covenant.

2. Vertical Covenant: This is a relationship between God and man. So, what God expects is that you keep it and do not break it. God expects the same from marriage as He does from the covenant He has with Man.

The Great Banquet

I would like to share a story to illustrate how marriage is sacred in the sight of God and it represents the Agape Love. In Jewish culture, a father will look for a potential wife for his son. God provided Eve for Adam, and Abraham sent Eliezer (Can be a human or the holy spirit) to find Rebecca for Isaac. Man leaves his father’s house to be with his wife and woman as well where it’s a mutual commitment. Rebecca was committed to doing her daily chores without giving up, which is how she met Eliezer and agrees to leave her father’s house and go with Eliezer when he says she must come with him to marry Isaac. As a result, it is a mutual agreement, and God does not impose His will on both the bride and groom just like the church (the bride) is committed to partnering and working with Christ (the groom), this explains how a wife should be committed to her Husband and Christ sacrificing His life and paying the price on the cross for the Church to be the body of Christ. This explains how a husband pays to get his bride and demonstrates his self-sacrifice for her as well as being for His wife when the body of Christ believes in the finished work on the cross, they form a covenant with God. Similarly, in a covenant betrothal, the groom and bride exchange vows to become husband and wife as one body. Once they are engaged, they are considered married in Jewish culture. The groom sets aside a year to prepare a place for the bride to return and take her back. In the same way, Christ goes and prepares a place for us in his Father’s house. Meanwhile, the bride prepares her garments and herself while waiting for the groom in every way by keeping her lamp burning because she doesn’t know what time he will arrive in possession to lead her to the place He has prepared for them to live together. This explains the coming of the Lord, for which we must prepare. We should be prepared to meet Jesus in the unknown hour, dressed in our garments of salvation and righteousness. Also, by keeping our lamps burning, which is the word of God working in us, and having the oil, which is the Holy Spirit, we can produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit. When the groom arrives, blowing the trumpet and listening to it, the wife wears her garment and gets ready with her lamp burning to be led by her groom to the place he has prepared. The wedding supper kicks off the festivities. (This is something we have yet to experience).

???? PRAYER:

Heavenly Father,

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him. Genesis:2:18.

You know each of us by name and you exactly know from which rib and flesh you have taken us from. So, you be our Eliezer prepare us and bring us to the one you have ordained. So, that the two shall become one for your glory. Prepare us to be your bride and groom to exhibit your love.

In Jesus’ Name,


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