Hola Buddi!

Hannah- “Beauty for Ashes”

We would be reflecting on the story of Hannah. There was a man named Elkanah, who had two wives. The first one was Hannah, whom he loved but she was barren because God closed her womb. And, his other wife’s name was Peninnah who bore 10 children. So, Peninnah taunted and irritated Hannah year after year for her bareness. Those […]

Motto behind “Your Buddi”

It is a one stop solutions for your problems!! Encountering problems in anyone’s life is inevitable, but all we need is the right support system to help us find a way out and navigate through the problem. So, Your Buddi is a solution driven business which offers solutions to problems related to Life, Relationship and Business matters by solving them […]

Why you need me as your buddy?

About Me: I’m Your Breakthrough Coach and a Solution Expert– “Come with your problem, let’s breakthrough together & Spread Smiles.” Hi I’m Nivedita Devraj, “YOUR  BUDDi”  to  find the root cause of your problem and provide solution to make your life happier by helping you to shift your mindset and this is exactly how I was able to transform and […]

Singles Buddy Time

“I will be Your Buddy in your journey of transformation”. In my personal 1:1 sessions, I help people from different demographics to tap their potential by empowering them to find and overcome their barriers and limitations by mentoring people in their self-discovery journey to find their identity and mandate. I also guide individuals in breaking through their problems by giving […]