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Marriage is God's Idea

Marriage is God’s Idea

Did you know that marriage is God’s idea, hence why they say this is made in heaven? But you might be curious to know if I’m not old enough to choose who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Though this is a valid point, keep in mind that your Heavenly Father, who knew you existed even […]


MARRIAGE is when two different people with two different mindsets, journeys, backgrounds, interests, and so on partner together for a PURPOSE. The Purpose for a Marriage: Individuals usually think marriage is a serious matter and all your freedom is taken away and few think they marry only to have babies so their generations can continue. Yeah, in a way it’s […]

Breakfree from bonds

In our life, we can be bonded by these and you might not even wonder can all be barriers to your breakthroughs. Emotional bonds The feelings of closeness and affection that contribute to the long-term sustainability of meaningful relationships are referred to as emotional connections. It could be between best friends, or it could be with your parents or mentors. […]

Change begins with Us

I was inspired to do this video on the upliftment of beggars as I have been having a burden watching them from my childhood days in-front of church and every week I see them in the same state without any change in their state which led me to have compassion for them and I started giving food packages during my […]