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Breakfree from bonds

Breakfree from bonds

In our life, we can be bonded by these and you might not even wonder can all be barriers to your breakthroughs.

  • Emotional bonds

The feelings of closeness and affection that contribute to the long-term sustainability of meaningful relationships are referred to as emotional connections. It could be between best friends, or it could be with your parents or mentors. Check to see if the bond is healthy and not overly possessive, especially if it is of the opposite gender. This will be a barrier even after marriage because I have seen people who are closer to their best friend than to their partner, which is unacceptable. After marriage, you should be able to be open and transparent with your partner because you both trust each other and want to keep it confidential as you are besties now.

  • Soul Ties

This is something we may not be aware of because it does not occur openly. The souls knit together with family members, best friends, or the person with whom you spend the majority of your time. A soul tie connects two emotions or passions. These can be Godly soul ties such as family or best friends, especially if you spend a lot of time with them. As a result, it’s critical to hang out with the right people.

  • Determine whether your friendship is good or evil! Check to see who your knot is with.
  • The person you’re dating: If it’s God’s will, know who you’re dating and keep your boundaries in your mind, emotions, and body. Know the mental trap you’re in-spirit wife/husband and internal conflict. Always double-check your crowd.
  • Sexual Sin

Sexual sin is the most serious of all sins. Run away from it; don’t say, “I can handle it/I have self-control.” For example, if you stick a piece of paper with glue for an hour, you can try to separate it, but the print from one side of the paper will be on the other. Sexual sin will have an effect on your own body. So, safeguard it for the one who marries you.

Sometimes you’re in a physically, sexually, emotionally, and/or spiritually abusive relationship, but you’re so attached to them that you refuse to cut the connection and set boundaries with them.  Sex is a three-dimensional experience that involves the spirit, soul, and body. And I have seen one of the individuals I have worked with (usually a woman) give herself sexually to someone with the expectation that the intimacy will form a bond that will lead to deeper levels of commitment in their relationship. However, when she discovers that her partner was taking advantage of and exploiting her vulnerability it results in a person becoming emotionally and sexually attached to someone they despise. This is one of the reasons they aren’t able to move on in life as they have been playing a wife role before even, though they are officially his and which results in distrust of any guy, feeling like garbage, feeling unworthy, guilt dripped, and are bound in it. I have seen a girl suffering and still sticking around and waiting for that guy and wasting her life. And, I believe that if a man/woman has decided not to have a future with the other person who you have left for some reason after having sexual encounters, you should never look back or give unnecessary hopes. It’s become like contemporary prostitution, only used for intimate needs when the other person is still looking for a future with you. You can also blame the victim, as they are unable to move on with another person out of desperation to cover up their guilt. I believe it is better to leave the victim alone rather than be concerned and hopeful while not allowing the victim to deal with it and move on.

P.S – This is a story of my buddies which I don’t want to disclose their names. Also, be mindful when you read, don’t have judgemental thoughts about me cause I share experiences of my buddies as well as exposure which I have received through the research and learnings on these topics to benefit others. I had to explain myself here because few guys do judge me as if I have written all my past experiences alone in my books. I hate to explain myself here, but I just don’t want to leave u hanging with doubts. These as the solutions that I have provided for our peers facing these challenges around us who can’t open up freely and, also to mainly bring awareness to youngers to avoid such mistakes when they are in the limerence phase. *CHUCKLES* on a lighter note, I’m happy for people who have left judging my content without getting it clarified from me cause I really need real & mature people around my life :P.

  • How to overcome Sin:
  1. Recognizing the sin: List down the sins we have committed in our life from our childhood starting from a small lie we have told.
  2. Confess the sins in our life and God forgives and cleans us.
  3. Renounce it will take away the legal rights given to the devil and it will no longer have any access to you.
  4. Repent of it by forsaking it and leaving it behind.
  5. Forgive & Forget: Forgive yourself as you have sought God for forgiveness earnestly and He has made you clean. Also, forget those bad memories.
  6. Never Repeat and break the sin cycle and be free.
  • Spirit Spouse

When you have frequent dreams of being married to an unknown/familiar face, or of living with someone in your dreams but this does not occur in the physical realm. It can be subtle, and only a few people go to the extreme of having sexual dreams with a specific person or an unknown face. I’ve also read that it’s devilish and that they act as a barrier to your success by not allowing you to marry. You can find out more about Spirit husband/wife. Pray the prayers listed below:

• I break every soul tie that connects me to a spirit husband or wife!

• I cancel every evil power in the dream trying to pose as my spouse in the name of Jesus.

  • Beauty for Ashes:

Many people suffer from verbal abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, and social abuse. either knowingly or unknowingly, at various stages of their lives, having left a scar, and these wounds must be dealt with by individuals, either with God or elders whom you look up to and are confidential, rather than carrying the baggage that is weighing them down and not allowing them to walk in their calling. This scar can be buried under the carpet, but it will itch in the corner of your heart if you don’t deal with it and let it go. This can also have an impact on how they perceive the gender who has abused them in any form. I’ve heard from both genders that they struggle with lingering thoughts of verbal or physical abuse as children, which affects them even after marriage because they haven’t dealt with it. Let me tell you a story about a friend of mine who said, “I’m afraid of men,” and I asked why. She stated, “I don’t have specific reasons why?” Then I had to dig deeper from her memory line, asking in her timeline about the various experiences she had had with boys, and men at home and outside, and we figured out it was childhood abuse that she had never realized was affecting her. That is why it is critical for parents and the education system to constantly speak about good and bad touch with children, as well as talk about boundaries at home, and it is not a taboo topic, at least for today’s generations. Then she had to deal with it and forgive the offender in order to let it go. I thought it was only girls who faced it, but I learned that boys also face it, including sexual abuse by older men at home, which makes their lives insecure and forces them to hide the fact that they are being threatened. And, I’ve read stories about people engaging in various sexual activities as a result of abuse, and it affects later in marriages where their partner suffers without knowing the root cause because the individual hasn’t confronted, dealt with, or healed from the abuse. It can also be as simple as verbal abuse and bullying, where they say nasty words, and an individual can believe it and grow into adults with that as their identity, which can lead to emotional abuse and substance abuse. Physical abuse can lead to low confidence and fears as a result of bad parenting, which can affect the individual’s parenting skills. Even I have recently figured out that we have this kind of abuse which is called spiritual abuse done by spiritual authorities or systems to control, isolate or manipulate. I’m not sure if you’ve experienced any form of abuse mentioned here, but my only suggestion is to get it over with as soon as possible so that you can embrace freedom.

  • Fears:

People are afraid of the word “fear,” and there are many different types of fear today. I used to stammer in front of people, I was afraid to start something new without support and assurance, and can you believe I was afraid to ask a guy out, among other things, and one day I buckled up and realized I needed to start breaking my fears. But I started to break each one with the help of God and started to confront it and now I’m like at ease and it has helped me to experiment a lot like hosting events and I still remember when I had to host a program for first time, I was like so tensed but after that, I got the confidence and it went in a flow. I would always say try it out rather than regretting later. I thank God for helping me to deal with my fears. Fear can be a stumbling block to your breakthrough because we sometimes have fear of the unknown, fear of acceptance, and so on. I’m not sure what you’re going through internally, but carrying that anxiety isn’t worth it. Try to confront your fears, for example, if you are afraid to speak, try again and again when opportunities present themselves or you create it and work on it. It’s okay if you fail; just keep trying until you succeed. You should be able to control your fears rather than the other way around. Furthermore, some fears are generational, which means that if you examine a few fears, you may find that one of your parents or grandparents is also dealing with them, and the fear has been passed down. Find the source of your fear and deal with it to break free from the chains that are tying you down.

  • Failures and Rejections:

Past failures and rejections that we may have experienced even as children may have had roots, and it has also been proven that the curse words are spoken or the hurtful experiences the mother has affects the child’s mental and emotional development. Some rejections and failures you may have experienced in school, college, jobs, or relationships in the past can play a role now, and we may be so afraid of being rejected again that we withdraw from our own breakthroughs well in advance. Break the mental chords of rejection and failure and heal from every self-acceptance issue, rejection, and failure. Tell yourself that you were born to succeed and overcome obstacles.

  • Curses:

Curses are the inverse of blessings and are used to express misfortune. Here are a few reasons for curses in our life:

1. Curse for wrong choices and sin 

2. Curse for disobeying parents 

3. Curse for idolizing people or things more than God 

4. Curse for abusing your own body through fornication, adultery, homosexuality, addictions, and so on

5. The curse of stealing and being a liar

6. Curse brought about by words spoken against you 

7. Generational curse or patterns

8. Curse brought on by the practice of spells, witchcraft, and so on.

We know that on the cross of those who believe in him, God broke all of these curses.

How can these curses be broken?

  • Identify the issue
  • Sincerely seek God’s forgiveness for all of your sins.
  • Discontinue any of these practices in your life.
  • Renounces these curses and brings them to the Lord, where they will be sealed in Jesus’ name.
  • Abandon your life of idolatry, disrespect for parents, adultery, and injustice to the weak.
  • Repudiate and annul all words spoken in your life by yourself, your parents, others, or any witches.
  • Make a mental, spiritual, and physical healing prayer.

The Trap of Closure

We believe that the end of a relationship that is no longer a part of our lives must come from the other side. However, it is critical to understand that in order to release the prisoner, we must first forgive ourselves. Otherwise, we may remain in the same place even as the seasons of our lives change. As a result, healing must begin within. Next, it tells us to let go of the past, as it was only a learning experience that was not meant to keep us stuck in the present or hinder our future. (Past experiences should not have an impact on the present or future.) Forgiveness is about releasing the prisoner within ourselves, not about forgiving the offender. Dwell on God’s peace as you move forward, and be like the fruit-bearing tree.

  • Trust Issues

People have trust issues because they have trusted others and have been hurt because the other person has broken the trust. My mother has always told me that people share their secrets or low moments as a result of their inability or helplessness and that we should keep it confidential and not gossip behind their backs. Also, never deceive anyone or break promises/commitments because it will leave a large scar in their life and they will be unable to trust other people again. People who are victims of it should be cautious the next time, and remember that good people do exist, so we must find them.

  • Unforgiveness:

Unforgiveness is an emotional bond that consumes minds with offence memories, misrepresents emotions with vengeance, and fills hearts with churning unrest. The state of your hearts has an impact on the state of your relationships. Unforgiveness is akin to drinking poison and hoping your adversary dies.

Illustration: God says, “Take your blessings and give them to you,” but we are unable to receive them from His hands due to our closed fists (unforgiveness, resentment, and bitterness.

Check where you are stuck:

1. Unforgiveness toward God

2. Unforgiveness toward oneself

3. Unforgiveness towards others

4. Dislike for Others (Family/Friends/Family of families /Office Colleagues) 

5. Bitterness

6. Jealousy

7. Reminiscence of past wrongs.


The key to be out of the bondage of resentment, hatred and unforgiveness is to forgive and let go to move forward. The condition of your heart affects the condition of your relationships around you. It’s hard to fly when something is weighing you down.

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  • Let it Go
  • Any fear, doubt, pain, bitterness, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, hatred, or rage that you are holding onto must be released in order for you to progress in life. If you’re clinging to life and can’t see ahead. Yes, it hurts when someone wrongs you. But by sticking to it, you are doing yourself a disservice. There is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel when you let it go.

    Isaiah 43:18-19

     “Forget the former things;

        do not dwell on the past.”

    See, I am doing a new thing!

        Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

    Help me, Heavenly Father, to forgive others as you have forgiven me. Lord, please help me to let go of all the hurts that I have caused others and those others have caused me. I’m confessing any negative feelings I have about them right now. I forgive them for any wrongs they have done to me, whether intentional or unintentional, that have caused me pain. I fully forgive them in the best way I know how. Now that I’ve forgiven (name), I’m not going to hold any grudges against him/her. I thank you that as I pray now, you are allowing my inner world to come back to life. I am free of resentment, pain, and bitterness, and I am filled with joy, freedom, and love. Cleanse me and make a clean heart. Amen

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