Hola Buddi!

Kids Corner

FUN GAMES – ARTWORK – LIFESKILLS During Covid, all were locked down inside our apartments and we never had a way to have some fun. This is when, we started to learn lifeskills with fun. Checkout my NIVZ Fun House Page: FB: https://www.facebook.com/Nivz-Fun-House-114002883657264 INSTA: https: //www.instagram.com/nivz_fun_house/

Kids life skills

Encouraging kids to help parents and learn basic life skills for their future by taking up 10 days challenge during Pandemic and to our surprise kids learnt new skills. They grasped it so quickly and broke the ideology that age is never an excuse.


I’m sharing my thoughts to spread awareness and to break Stereotypes in our society to be the change. #Social Awareness. My First Short Film. Change in the society begins with us. I was inspired to do this video on the upliftment of beggars as I have been having a burden watching them from my childhood days in-front of church and […]

Kids Art

This was the art session with kids in my flat conducted by me of imprinting their hands with paint and their ambition written on it. A thought provoking activity to install a thought to think what they want to become as they are the next generation who will be making a difference. when kids of this age are glued to gadgets, this was an initiative to get their own hands messy with fun.